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The Paris Mayor, the City Commissioners, and all City Staff, welcome you to The City of Paris website.

Paris is a historic, spirited, and evolving community with small town hospitality. Paris strives to encourage great innovation, sustainable development, and enhanced recreational and educational opportunities, thus providing a safe and secure place to live, raise families, work and conduct business.

City of Paris Upcoming Smoke Testing

Smoke testing, an important part of the sewer maintenance program that helps finds cracks, breaks, and other problems with sewer lines, will be performed to access the City of Paris sanitary sewer main beginning at 101 Castle Blvd and extending south to 322 Castle Blvd. Click here to read more.

High/Main Street Project Update

Per the State Contact on 8/29/23
Work continues on the placement of curb and gutter.
Base is anticipated to begin being laid in October and is projected to finish this year.
The remainder of the rest of the paving may extend into the next calendar year.

Boil Water Advisory

ALERT: Crews are working to repair a Main break off Lexington Rd. near Bourbon Hills Dr.
Please see the below graphic and the area outlined in black. Out of abundance of caution, The City of Paris has issued a boil water advisory for this impacted area.
Please continue to boil your water until you are notified that the advisory has been lifted. If you are not within the area noted in the graphic, this notice does not apply to you.
Please visit our website at to sign up for RAVE alerts to keep informed about events such as these that may impact you.
Please visit the CDC website for guidance on Boil Water Advisories.

Proposed Flood Insurance Map Changes

Updates to Bourbon County Unincoportated Areas Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) are nearly complete. The new map will provide Bourbon County with up-to-date flood risk information and tools that can be used to enhance local mitigation plans and help officials and residents make better decisions about reducing flood risks and purchasing flood insurance.

Fall Clean Up Month for City Residents

The City of Paris has designated the month of October as FALL CLEAN-UP MONTH FOR CITY OF PARIS RESIDENTS.

Click here to learn more. 

Annual Water Quality Reports
Annual Water Quality Reports 2022

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