Fire & EMS Departments

Fire Chief, Michael Duffy

EMS Major, Heather Proffitt

Fire Station 1
Mailing Address: 525 High Street, Paris, KY 40361
Delivery Address: 313 High Street, Paris, KY 40361
Phone: 859-987-2120
Fax: 859-987-2133
Emergency call: 911

Fire Station 2
Mailing Address: 525 High Street, Paris, KY 40361
Delivery Address: 1097 Martin Luther King Blvd., Paris, KY 40361
Phone: 859-987-2121
Emergency call: 911

Our Mission

The Paris Fire Department is committed to protecting the people and property within our community. We will be responsive to the needs of our citizens by providing rapid professional, humanitarian services essential to the health safety, and wellbeing of the community. We will accomplish our mission through prevention, education, fire suppression, emergency medical services and other related emergency and non-emergency activities. We will actively participate in our community, serve as role models, and strive effectively and efficiently utilize all the necessary resources at our command to provide a product deemed excellent by our citizens. We are committed to excellence, professionalism, and devotion to duty.

Our History

Paris Fire Department was founded in 1874 with only two full time firefighters who worked 24 hours a day seven days a week at $75 per month.

Paris fireman needed to build up a "head of steam" in the boiler before they could start fighting fires with a 1880s-fire engine. The horses that pulled the equipment were stabled in the basement of the fire station on courthouse square, but two horses were always kept upstairs to be ready quickly. Paris had early firefighting equipment by 1810 but the first formally trained fire company was not formed until 1874 after the disastrous courthouse fire.

As one of the oldest fire stations in the nation, Paris Fire continues to serve the community. Paris Fire & EMS currently staffs nearly 50 employees, including three platoons of full-time firefighters and medics as well as several part-time employees. We are located at two stations within the City of Paris, with several engines and EC units ready to respond to any emergency that should arise.