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Isaac Ruddell (1732-1812) – of Kentucky. Born 1732 in Shenandoah Co., VA. Revolutionary War veteran; Came to Kentucky with his wife Elizabeth Bowman’s family around 1775 to Boonesborough. In 1779, Capt. Ruddell founded Ruddell’s Fort on the site of the abandoned Hinkson’s Station. The Fort was attacked by a Canadian and Shawnee raiding party that left twelve settlers dead. The 470 survivors were taken prisoner and marched to Detroit where they were held until the end of the war. Capt. Ruddell returned to Bourbon County in 1784 and founded Ruddell’s Mills. He built a home at the head of the South Fork of Licking River in 1788, erecting a grist mill on the north side of the Hinkston Creek Bridge and in 1795, a sawmill, which was operated by his son Abram. He died in January 1812.

James Smith (1737-1812) – of Kentucky. Born 1737 in Chester Co., PA. Colonel in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Died 1812 in Bourbon County.

Michael Stoner (1748 -1815) – of Kentucky. Born 1748 in Pennsylvania.  Companion of Simon Kenton,  Daniel Boone and Samuel Harrod. Made first expedition into Kentucky in 1767.  Stoner Creek is named for him. Died September 13, 1815 in Wayne Co., KY.

John Edwards (1748-1837) – of Kentucky. Born 1748 in Stafford Co., VA. Revolutionary War veteran; U.S. Senator from Kentucky 1792-95. Died 1837 in Bourbon County.

James Garrard (1749-1822) – of Kentucky. Born January 14, 1749 in Stafford Co., VA. Colonel in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War; Governor of Kentucky 1796-1804. Died January 19, 1822 in Bourbon County.

Alexander Dalrymple Orr (1761-1835) – of Kentucky. Born 1761 in Virginia. U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1791-97. Died 1835. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Robert Trimble (1776-1828) – of Kentucky. Born November 17, 1776 in Augusta Co., VA. Justice of U.S. Supreme Court 1826-28. Died August 25, 1828. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Thomas Metcalfe (1780-1855) – of Kentucky. Born March 20, 1780 in Fauquier Co., VA. Governor of Kentucky 1828-1832 and U.S. Senator 1834-1838. Master stonemason who built several fine homes in Bourbon County. Died August 18, 1855.

Moses Bledso Corwin (1790-1872) - of Ohio. Born January 5, 1790 in Bourbon County. U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1849-51, 1853-55. Died April 7, 1872.

Richard Hawes (1797-1877) – of Kentucky. Born February 6, 1797 Caroline Co., VA. U.S Representative from Kentucky 1837-41; Provisional Governor of Kentucky to the Confederate Congress 1862-65. Died May 25, 1877. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Thomas Corwin (1794-1865) - of Ohio. Born July 29, 1794 in Bourbon County. U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1831-40, 1859-61; Governor of Ohio, 1840-42; U.S. Senator from Ohio, 1845-50; U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 1850-53; U.S. Minister to Mexico, 1861-64. Died December 18, 1865.

Joseph Duncan (1794-1844) – of Illinois. Born February 22, 1794 in Bourbon County. U.S. Representative from Illinois 1827-34; Governor of Illinois 1834-38. Died January 15, 1844.

William Herod (1801-1871) – of Indiana. Born March 31, 1801 in Bourbon County. U.S. Representative from Indiana, 1837-39. Died October 21, 1871.

Garrett Davis (1801-1872) – of Kentucky. Born September 10, 1801 in Montgomery County. U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1839-47; U.S. Senator form Kentucky 1861-72. Died September 22, 1872. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Brutus Junius Clay (1808-1878) – of Kentucky. Born July 1, 1808 in Madison County. U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1863-65. Died October 11, 1878 in Bourbon County.

Albert Gallatin Talbott (1808-1887) – of Kentucky. Born April 4, 1808 in Bourbon County. U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1855-59. Died September 9, 1887.

Anthony Thornton (1814-1904) - of Illinois. Born November 9, 1814 in Bourbon County. U.S. Representative from Illinois 1865-67; Justice of Illinois State Supreme Court 1970-73. Died September 10, 1904.

Rev. Elisha Winfield Green (1818-1893) – of Kentucky. Born into slavery, 1818 in Bourbon County. Minister. Helped found the Kentucky Normal and Theological  Institute, Moderator of the Mt. Zion Baptist Association, Moderator of the Consolidated Baptist Educational Association and Pastor for thirty years at Baptist churches in Maysville and Paris. Founded Bethel Baptist Church, Mason County, in 1845. Died in 1893.

John Robert Baylor (1822-1894) – of Texas. Born July 20, 1822 in Bourbon County. Texas Representative in the Confederate Congress 1864-65. Died February 6, 1894.

William E. Simms (1822-1898) - of Kentucky. Born January 2, 1822 in Harrison County. U.S Representative from Kentucky 1859-61; Senator from Kentucky in the Confederate Congress 1862-65. Died June 25, 1898. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Richard Montgomery Gano (1830-1913) – of Texas. Born June 17, 1830 in Bourbon County. Rose from rank of Captain to Brigadier General during the Civil War, serving under Gen. John Hunt Morgan throughout most of the conflict. Died March 27, 1913.

John Thomas Croxton (1837-1874) – of Kentucky. Born 1837 in Bourbon County. Union General during Civil War; Minister to Bolivia 1873-74. Died in 1874. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

James Robert Hindman (1839-1912) - of Kentucky. Born 1839 in Bourbon County. Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky 1883-87. Died in 1912.

Ezekiel Field Clay (1841-1920) - of Kentucky. Son of Brutus Clay, born in Bourbon County. Colonel in the 1st Kentucky Mounted Rifles, CSA. After the war returned to Paris to breed horses at Runnymede Farm. Formed partnership with Colonel Catesby Woodford of Raceland Stud. They originally planned to race their own stock, but the thoroughbreds foaled at Runnymede were so in demand they began holding sales for their horses in the 1880’s. Runnymede bred Ben Brush became the first winner of the shortened 1-1/4 mile Kentucky Derby and the first to have a blanket of white and pink roses draped over his shoulder. Highly successful horseman who served as president of the Kentucky Racing Association and as chairman of the Kentucky State Racing Commission. Died in 1920.

Hattie Hutchcraft Hill (1847-1921) of Kentucky. Born April 1847 in Bourbon County. Artist. Painted portraits, still-lifes, landscapes and marine scenes. Held two exhibitions at the Paris Salon in France. Died September2, 1921. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Catesby Woodford (1849-1923) - of Kentucky. Born August 12, 1849 in Bourbon County. In 1876 formed partnership with his cousin Col. Ezekiel F. Clay.  Some of the most notable horses bred at their Runnymede and Raceland farms included Miss Woodford, Runnymede, Hanover, Sir Dixon, Belvedere, Sally McClellan, Ben Brush and Butterfly. Died 1923.

James William Bryan (1853-1903) - of Kentucky. Born 1853 in Bourbon County. Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, 1887-91. Died in 1903.

John William Fox, Jr. (1862-1919) of Virginia. Born December 16, 1862 in Bourbon County. Writer. Wrote 14 novels. As a war correspondent for Harper’s Magazine, became a life long friend of Teddy Roosevelt. Died July 8, 1919. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Isaac Lewis (born 1870) – of Kentucky. Born 1870 in Bourbon County. African-American jockey who rode in four consecutive Kentucky Derbies from 1886-89, winning in 1887 aboard Montrose in the 13th running, winning in 2:39. Began racing in 1881 at age 11.

Garrett Augustus Morgan (1877-1963) – of Ohio. Born March 4, 1877 in Bourbon County. Invented the three position traffic signal and gas mask among many other creations. The son of a former slave, and publisher of the Cleveland Call. Died July 27, 1963.

Robert Lehman (1891-1969) –of Kentucky. Born September 29, 1891 in New York. Banker. Owner of Golden Chance Farm. Breeder/owner of 1970 Kentucky Derby winner Dust Commander. Died August 9, 1969. Buried Catholic Cemetery, Paris.

Virgil Munday Chapman (1895-1951) – of Kentucky. Born March 15, 1895 in Simpson County. U. S. Senator from Kentucky 1949-51. Died March 8, 1951. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Basil Ewing Hayden (1899-2003) – of Kentucky. Born May 18, 1899 in Stanford, KY. First basketball All-American at the University of Kentucky in 1921. Coached U.K. during the 1926-27 season. Died January 10, 2003. Buried in Paris Cemetery.

Arthur Boyd Hancock, Sr. (1875-1957) –of Kentucky. Born June 25, 1875 in Ellerslie, VA. Founder of Claiborne Farm 1911. Son of Virginia horseman Capt. Richard Johnson Hancock of Ellerslie Stud. A. B. took over Ellerslie and after his marriage to Nancy Tucker Clay in 1908, they began Claiborne Farm on land inherited by her. A.B. died April 1, 1957.

Blanton Long Collier (1906-1983) – of Ohio. Born July 2, 1906 in Bourbon County. Assistant Coach of the Cleveland Browns 1946-53, Head Coach at the University of Kentucky 1954-62, Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns 1963-70. Died March 22, 1983.

Edward Fretwell Prichard, Jr. (1915-1984) – of Kentucky. Born 1915 in Bourbon County. Brilliant political mind, worked with both Roosevelt and Truman in the 40’s. Called by some as the man who could have been President. Convicted of vote fraud in Bourbon County 1949. Promoter of higher education in Kentucky. Died 1984.

Arthur Boyd “Bull” Hancock, Jr. (1910-1972) – of Kentucky. Head of Claiborne Farm and Breeder of many Kentucky Derby and stakes winners. “Bull” and wife Waddell Walker Hancock were legendary figures in the thoroughbred industry. Ran Ellerslie Stud in Albemarie Co., VA  while his father was still head of Claiborne. “Bull” died in 1972. Mrs. Hancock, born 1915, died June 17, 2005.

John C. Nickerson, Jr. (1916-1964) – of Alabama, Colonel USArmy. Born 1916 in Bourbon County. Worked with Wernher von Braun on the Jupiter Missile Program at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. In an attempt to keep the Army’s long range missile program running, Nickerson leaked sensitive information about the program to non-authorized persons, including the press. He was initially charged with espionage, but pled guilty to a lesser charge of violating security rules and received a light sentence. Von Braun testified on his behalf at the Court Martial. Died March 13, 1964.

Catesby Woodford Clay (1923-living) – of Kentucky. Born July 25, 1923 in Bourbon County. Son of Catesby W. and Agnes McEvoy Clay. Owner of the highly successful Runnymede Farm on Georgetown Road. He and wife Elizabeth have bred over 50 stakes winners at Runnymede.

Bill Arnsparger (1926-living) – of New York. Born December 16, 1926 in Bourbon County. Assistant Coach of the Baltimore Colts 1964-70, Assistant Coach of the Miami Dolphins 1971-73 and 1977-83 Head Coach of the New York Giants 1974-76.

David Dick (1930-2010) – of Kentucky. Born February 18, 1930 in Cincinnati, OH. Writer. Journalist for CBS News 1966-85.

Arthur Boyd Hancock III (1943-living) – of Kentucky. Founder of Stone Farm and breeder/owner of three Kentucky Derby winners; Gato Del Sal in 1982, Sunday Silence in 1989 and Fusaichi Pegasus in 2000. Arthur has bred 100 stakes winners at Stone Farm since 1970.

Seth Walker Hancock (1949-living) – of Kentucky. Born July 22, 1949 in Bourbon County. Head of Claiborne Farm and breeder/owner of 1984 Kentucky Derby winner Swale.


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